Render Layers Node

Render Layers Node.

This node is the starting place for getting a picture of your scene into the compositing node tree.


This node has no input sockets.



Select the scene within your blend-file. The scene information taken is the raw footage (pre-compositing and pre-sequencing).


To use composited footage from another scene, it has to be rendered into a multi-layer frameset (e.g. OpenEXR) as an intermediate file store and then imported with Image input node again.

Render Layer

A list of available Render Layers. The render button is a shorthand to re-render the active scene.



Imagen renderizada.


Canal Alfa.

Render Passes Sockets

Depending on the Render passes that are enabled, other sockets are available. See render passes.


In the viewport compositor, only the Image and Alpha outputs are supported, where the Image output is the viewport pass and the Alpha output is the alpha channel of the viewport pass. The rest of the passes return a zero value, a zero vector, or a transparent color depending on their type.