Modalità Scolpitura


Toolbar ‣ Options

Fast Navigate

For multiresolution models, shows low resolution while navigating in the viewport.

Delay Viewport Updated

Update the geometry when it enters view. This provides for faster navigation.

Use Deform Only

Limits the activated modifiers on the active object to Deform Modifiers, and Multiresolution. Constructive modifiers (like Subdivision Surface, Mirror and other) get deactivated, because they could give inaccurate results.


These settings automatically mask geometry based on geometric properties of the mesh. Note, these options are applied across all sculpt brushes, however, they can also be configured per brush in the Advanced Brush Settings. These options can be accessed via a Menu a torta by pressing Alt-A.


Brush affects only vertices connected to the active vertex under the brush.

Face Sets

Affect only vertices that share face sets with active vertex.

Mesh Boundary

Does not affect non-manifold boundary edges.

Face Sets Boundary

Does not affect vertices which belong to a face set boundary.

Vedi anche

See the Display options.



Setting the factor allows you to add gravity to your brush strokes, giving it a draping effect.


Using another object, the gravity can be oriented to the set object’s local Z axis, changing the direction of the gravity.