Add Mesh Extra Objects


This add-on groups many mesh object creation add-ons into a single one.


  • Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.
  • Click Add Mesh then Extra Objects to enable the script.


Located in the 3D View ‣ Add ‣ Mesh menu.


Included mesh object add-ons:

Parent to Empty by Liero.
Parent the selected mesh to an empty object type.
3D Function Surface by Buerbaum Martin (Pontiac), Elod Csirmaz.
Create objects with XYZ math functions. Includes several presets by elfnor.
Beam Builder by revolt_randy, Jambay.
Create five types of beams.
Gears by Michel J. Anders (varkenvarken).
Create gear and worm type mesh.
Gemstones by Pontiac, Fourmadmen, Dreampainter, Dominic Kroper, (dommetysk).
Create three types of diamond shapes.
Honeycomb by Kayo Phoenix.
Create a honeycomb patterned mesh.
Menger Sponge by sugiany.
Create iterated Menger sponges.
Pipe Joints by Buerbaum Martin (Pontiac).
Create angled and crossed pipes.
Step Pyramid by Phil Cote (cotejrp1).
Create a step pyramid with variable settings.
Round Cube by Alain Ducharme (phymec).
Create a quad mesh sphere with several presets.
Regular Solid by DreamPainter.
Create polyhedron based objects.
Star by Fourmadmen.
Create a simple star shape.
Supertoroid by DreamPainter.
Create a torus object with new parameters for boxed shape and more.
Teapot by Anthony D'Agostino.
Traditional style mesh teapot and a secondary spoon object.
Torus Knot by Anthony D'Agostino.
A simple mesh torus knot with three types.
Triangles by Sjaak-de-Draak
Create math based triangles.
Twisted Torus by Paulo_Gomes.
Standard torus object with a variable twisted mesh.
Add Vertex by meta-androcto, Pablo Vazquez, Liero, Richard Wilks.
Add a single vertex object or object origin as a fast start to mesh editing.
Wall Factory by dudecon, jambay
Add castle type walls with settings for openings.


Category:Add Mesh
Description:Create many extra object types.
Location:3D View ‣ Add ‣ Mesh
File:add_mesh_extra_objects folder
Author:Multiple Authors
Maintainer:Vladimir Spivak (cwolf3d)
Support Level:Community
Note:This add-on is bundled with Blender.