Bool Tool




  • Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.
  • Click Object then Bool Tool to enable the script.



  • Brush: Is an object used as a mask for the Boolean operation.
  • Canvas: Is the object that keep the Boolean Operation.

You can select any count of objects and apply all these objects to the active one as a Boolean brush. Just select the objects that you want to be a brush, select an object to set it as active and click in one of those operations:

Auto Boolean
Union Ctrl-NumpadPlus
Add the selected objects to the active object.
Difference Ctrl-NumpadMinus
Remove the objects to the active.
Intersection Ctrl-NumpadAsterix
Apply a intersect operation between the selected objects and the active.
Slice Ctrl-NumpadSlash
Brush Boolean
Union Shift-Ctrl-NumpadPlus
Apply direct Union to an object.
Difference Shift-Ctrl-NumpadMinus
Apply direct Difference to an object.
Intersection Shift-Ctrl-NumpadAsterix
Apply direct Intersection to an object.
Slice Shift-Ctrl-NumpadSlash


Fast Transformation
When enable this option in the add-on preferences your G/R/S hotkeys will be replaced for a custom one that can handle objects visibility and boolean modifiers before and after the transform operation to give a fast transform when using boolean operations. It only works good when handling high-poly brush, if you try to use it in a low-poly brush when another high-poly brush is applied it will be slow yet since we have a bad Dependency Graph handling of that situation.


Description:Boolean modifier tools.
Location:3D View ‣ Sidebar ‣ Edit tab, Shift-Ctrl-B
Author:Vitor Balbio, Mikhail Rachinskiy, TynkaTopi, Meta-Androcto, Simon Appelt
Note:This add-on is bundled with Blender.