Quick Start

Open the terminal application, and run the executable within the app bundle, with commands like this:

cd /Applications/

If you need to do this often, you can add this directory to your PATH.

For that you can run a command like this in the terminal (with the appropriate path).

echo "export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/" >> ~/.bash_profile

If you then open a new terminal, the following command will work:



macOS uses "files" with the .app extension called applications. These files are actually folders that appear as files in Finder. In order to run Blender you will have to specify that path to the Blender executable inside this folder, to get all output printed to the terminal. You can start a terminal from Applications ‣ Utilities. The path to the executable in the .app folder is ./

If you have Blender installed in the Applications folder, the following command can be used:


Starting Blender from a macOS console window.