Draw Tool


Mode:Draw Mode
Panel:Toolbar ‣ Tools ‣ Draw Tools ‣ Draw

The Draw tool allows you to draw free-hand strokes.


Selecting a Brush and Material

In the Tool Settings select the brush and material to use with the tool. The Draw tool uses Draw Brush types. See Common Options for more information.

Common Brush Options

You can also configure the brush main settings exposed on the Tool Settings for convenience. For the draw brushes configuration and settings see: Draw Brush.

Free-hand Drawing

Click and hold LMB or use the pen tip to make free-hand drawing on the viewport.

Drawing free-hand strokes.


Shift-LMB toggle the use of Stabilizer on the brush to have more control while drawing and obtain smoother lines.

Drawing strokes using Stabilizer.

Straight Lines

Alt-LMB Constrains the drawing of the strokes to horizontal or vertical straight lines.

Switching to the Erase Tool

Ctrl-LMB changes temporally to the active erase tool. see Erase Tool for more information.

You can also use B to delete all the points in the selected drawing area.