Weights Menu


Mode:Edit Mode

This page covers many of the tools in the Weights menu.

Normalize All


Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Weights ‣ Normalize All

For each point, this tool makes sure that the sum of the weights across all vertex groups is equal to 1. It normalizes all of the vertex groups, except for locked groups, which keep their weight values untouched.

Lock Active
Keep the values of the active group while normalizing all the others.



Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Weights ‣ Normalize

This tool only works on the active vertex group. All points keep their relative weights, but the entire set of weights is scaled up such that the highest weight value is 1.0.



Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Weights ‣ Invert

Replaces each weight of the selected vertex group by × -1.0 weight.


  • Original 1.0 converts to 0.0
  • Original 0.5 remains 0.5
  • Original 0.0 converts to 1.0
Restrict the tool to a subset. See The Subset Option about how subsets are defined.
Add Weights
Add vertices that have no weight before inverting (these weights will all be set to 1.0).
Remove Weights
Remove vertices from the vertex group if they are 0.0 after inverting.



Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Weights ‣ Smooth

Smooths the weights of the active vertex group.

Generate Weights


Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Weights ‣ Generate Weights

Generate automatic weight for armatures (requires the Armature modifier).

With Empty Group
When parenting it will create an empty vertex groups on the child objects (if they do not exist already) for and named after each deforming bone in the armature.
With Automatic Weights
Works similar to With Empty Groups, but it will not leave the vertex groups empty. It calculates how much influence a particular bone would have on points based on the distance from those points to a particular bone (“bone heat” algorithm). This influence will be assigned as weights in the vertex groups.