Tint Modifier

The Tint Modifier colorize the original stroke with a tint color.



Tint Modifier.

Defines the tint color for mixing with the original color.

Controls the amount for the color mixing.

A value of 0 respect the original strokes color, a value of 1.0 totally replace the original color with the tint color.

A shift greater than 1.0 will make the points alpha less transparent than originally (2.0 is fully opaque).

Create Materials
When applied, the modifier will create a new material that will keep the color transformation.

The color transformation will be applied on the stroke and/or the fill color.

Both, Stroke, Fill

Influence Filters

See Influence Filters.


Tint sample.

Color Mix Factor: 0 (original color).


Color Mix Factor: 0.5.


Color Mix Factor: 1.0 (fully tinted).