Animation Player

The Topbar ‣ Render ‣ View Animation menu will play back the rendered animation in a new window.

You can also drop images or movie files in a running animation player. It will then restart the player with the new data.


An external player can also be used instead of the one included in Blender. To do this, select it in the Preferences.


The following table shows the available hotkeys for the animation player.


Action Hotkey
Start/Pause: Spacebar
Start playback (when paused): Return
Quit: Esc


Action Hotkey
Scrub in time: LMB
Step back one frame: Left
Step forward one frame: Right
Step back 10 frames: Down
Step forward 10 frames: Up
Manual frame stepping: NumpadPeriod

Playback Options

Action Hotkey
Backward playback: Shift-Down
Forward playback Shift-Up
Slow down playback: NumpadMinus
Speed up playback: NumpadPlus
Toggle looping: Numpad0
Toggle frame skipping: A
Toggle ping-pong: P


Action Hotkey
Toggle Playhead (Indicator): I
Flip image on the X axis: F
Flip image on the Y axis: Shift-F
Hold to show frame numbers: Shift
Zoom in: Ctrl-NumpadPlus
Zoom out: Ctrl-NumpadMinus

Frame rate

  • 60 fps Numpad1
  • 50 fps Numpad2
  • 30 fps Numpad3
  • 25 fps Numpad4
  • 24 fps Shift-Numpad4
  • 20 fps Numpad5
  • 15 fps Numpad6
  • 12 fps Numpad7
  • 10 fps Numpad8
  •  6 fps Numpad9
  •  5 fps NumpadSlash