Texture Paint Tools

The normal brush, paints a swath of color.

Uses a "blur effect" to soften or sharpen the image.


Is used to paint a blur effect.

Kernel Radius (2D only)
Blur radius in pixels.

The Sharpen tool enhances the contrast of the image as you paint over it.

Sharp Threshold
The Threshold will only apply sharpening to only those pixels that differ more than the threshold value from their surrounding pixels.
Kernel Radius (2D only)
The kernel size controls how big an area the tool searches over is while calculating that difference.
Blur Mode

The blur kernel type controls how neighboring pixels are weighted when calculating the blur effect.

Gaussian will sample the pixels near the center of the brush most.
Box samples all surrounding pixels equally.
When you click, takes the colors under the cursor, and blends them in the direction you move the mouse. Similar to the "smudge" tool of Gimp.

Copies the colors from the specified image (or location of the same image) to the active image.

In 3D projective painting the clone cursor can be set with Ctrl-LMB. In 2D painting the clone can be moved dragging it with RMB.

Clone from Paint Slot (3D projective only)

Use another image as clone source, instead of using the 3D cursor position as the source in the same image.

Source Clone Slot
This allows you to select an image as a clone source.
Image (2D only)
Image used as a clone source.
Alpha (2D only)
Opacity of the clone image display.

It can be used to fill large areas of the image with the brush color. The tool fills adjacent pixels that have a color value similar to the pixel you clicked on.

Fill Threshold (2D only)
Determines how much the color must be similar to the color of pixel you click to be filled. A low Threshold only fills very similar in color pixels. A higher Threshold fills pixels within a broader range of color.

The Gradient type of the Color Picker allows the use of a gradient to fill the image.

To apply the gradient with the Fill brush click LMB and drag to define the gradient line, or radius if a radial gradient is used (depending on the Gradient Fill Mode).

Gradient Fill Mode
Linear, Radial



For projective texturing it will bypass some options for projective painting to paint the model. This means that occluded, backfacing and normal culled faces will always get filled, regardless of whether the options are activated in the External panel.


The mask feature maps an image to the mesh and uses the image intensity to mask out certain parts of the mesh out during painting. The mask options can be found in the Mask panel. It's only available for 3D projective painting.

Mask Value
Mask weight, a value of zero means not masked, while one is completely masked.


Use the face selection mask to isolate faces. See Face Selection Masking for details.