Rename Active Item



Edit ‣ Rename Active Item



The Rename Active Item operator renames the active Bone, Node, Object and Sequence Strip.

When the operator is executed, a pop-up dialog appears. The text field shows the name of the current item and can be overwritten to rename the item. Return confirms the name while Esc cancels the operator.

Batch Rename



Edit ‣ Batch Rename



The Batch Rename operator can rename many data-block names at once.

This uses a pop-up dialog with operations and their options to change the name.

These actions are applied in order, from first to last.

Data Type

The data-block type to perform the batch rename operations on.

Data Source

Where to look for the data-blocks that are intended to be renamed.


Operates on the currently selected objects.


Operates on all data in the blend file.

To the left of this option gives a readout on how many data-blocks are able to be renamed.


The Batch Rename has several sub Operations to change the data names. The default operation is Find/Replace however, other operations can be added to modify the data names farther.


Find/Replace searches for a particular string in the names and optionally replaces it with a new string.


The string of text to look for in names.


The string of text to replace for in matching names found from the Find string.

Regular Expressions

Enables the use of Regular Expressions which are a powerful way to tailor the Find/Replace strings.

Case Sensitive

Search results must match the Find string's case exactly.

Set Name

Set Name works the most similar to Rename Active Item by renaming the current data-block without having to do a find and replace operation.


Disregards the current name replacing it with the "new" name.


Adds text to the beginning of the current name. This is useful for tools that look for special text in the prefix of a data-block name.


Adds text to the end of the current name. This is useful for tools that look for special text in the suffix of a data-block name.


Defines the new name or the text to add as a prefix/suffix.

Strip Characters

Strip Characters cleans up names by removing certain character types from either the beginning or the end of the name.


Strips any space characters from the name, e.g. "Living Room " becomes "Living Room".


Strips any numerical characters from the name, e.g. cube.001 becomes cube..


Strips any punctuation characters (,.?!:; etc.) from the name, e.g. cube? becomes cube.


Multiple character types can be removed at once by Shift-LMB on the types.


Strips and any leading characters in the name.


Strips and any trailing characters in the name.

Change Case

Change Case modifies the case of names to be on of the following:

Upper Case

Changes all text to be in upper case, e.g. cube.001 becomes CUBE.001.

Lower Case

Changes all text to be in lower case, e.g. CUBE.001 becomes cube.001.

Title Caps

Changes all text to be in title case, e.g. living room becomes Living Room.