UV Project Modifier


Projecting the Blender logo onto Suzanne.

The UV Project modifier acts like a slide projector. It emits a UV map from the negative Z axis of a controller object (such as an empty object), and applies it to the object as the "light" hits it.

Download an example.



The UV Project modifier.

UV Map

Which UV map to modify. Defaults to the active rendering layer.


Up to ten projector objects are supported. Each face will choose the closest and aligned projector with its surface normal. Projections emit from the negative Z axis (i.e. straight down a camera or light). If the projector is a camera, the projection will adhere to its perspective/orthographic setting.


Specify the projector object(s).

Aspect X/Y and Scale X/Y

These allow simple manipulation of the image. Only apply when a camera is used as projector object.



UV Project is great for making spotlights more diverse, and also for creating decals to break up repetition.

Usually, an Image Texture node mapped to the UV map that the modifier targets is added to the object's material.