Fill Brush

Fill brushes are the special type of brushes that uses Grease Pencil for the Fill tools. The brush can be changed in the Tool Settings.

The different fill brushes are settings variations of the same Fill Brush. You can create many brushes, each with unique settings to get different result when filling areas.

Tool Settings



Brush data-block panel.


The データブロックメニュー to select a preset brush type or a custom brush.

Add Brush

When you add a brush, the new brush is a clone of the current one.

Brush Specials
Reset Brush

Reset the current brush to its default settings.

Reset All Brushes

Reset all brushes to their default settings.

Custom Icon

Allows definition of a custom brush icon.

Image Path

Defines the path to the image to use as custom icon.


In order to save a custom brush in a blend-user, enable Fake User.

Brush Settings

Leak Size

Size in pixel to consider the leak as closed.


The thickness radius of the boundary stroke in pixels.


Number of simplify steps to apply to the boundary line. Higher values reduce the accuracy of the final filled area.



Sets the type of fill boundary limits calculation to perform.


Use the thickness of the strokes and the editing lines together.


Use only the thickness of the strokes (ignore edit lines).


Use only the edit lines (ignore strokes).

Show lines (grid icon)

Toggle show help lines to see the fill boundary.


Multiplier for fill resolution. Higher values gives better fill boundary accuracy but slower time for calculations.

Ignore Transparent strokes

When enabled, strokes with transparency does not take into account on fill boundary calculations.


Threshold value to consider a material transparent.


The cursor can be disabled by toggling the checkbox in the Cursor header.

Cursor Color

Set the color of the brush ring.