The Armature Modifier is used for building skeletal systems for animating the poses of characters and anything else which needs to be posed.

By adding an armature to an object, this object can be deformed accurately so that geometry does not have to be animated by hand.


アーマチュアの使用法の詳細については、 アーマチュアのセクション を参照してください。


This documentation refers to the Armature Modifier specific to the Grease Pencil object. For uses with other object types refer to the general Armature(アーマチュア)モディファイアー.






Vertex Group(頂点グループ)

The name of a vertex group of the object, the weights of which will be used to determine the influence of this Armature Modifier's result when mixing it with the results from other Armature ones.

Multi Modifier(マルチモディファイアー) がアクティブになっている状態で、同じオブジェクトにこれらのモディファイアーが少なくとも2つある場合にのみ意味があります。

Invert(反転) <->


Bind to(バインド先)
Vertex Groups(頂点グループ)

When enabled, bones of a given name will deform points which belong to vertex groups of the same name. E.g. a bone named "forearm", will only affect the points in the "forearm" vertex group.

The influence of one bone on a given point is controlled by the weight of this point in the relevant group. A much more precise method than Bone Envelopes, but also generally longer to set up.

Bone Envelopes(ボーンエンベロープ)

When enabled, bones will deform points or control points near them, defined by each bone's envelope radius and distance. Enable/Disable bone envelopes defining the deformation (i.e. bones deform points in their neighborhood).