Module BezTriple
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Module BezTriple

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The Blender.BezTriple submodule


This module provides access to the BezTriple Data in Blender. It is used by CurNurb and IpoCurve objects.

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This object gives access to generic data from all BezTriple objects in Blender.
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Create a new BezTriple object.
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readonly dictionary HandleTypes
The available BezTriple handle types.
  __package__ = None
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Create a new BezTriple object.

  • coords (sequence of three or nine floats) - the coordinate values for the new control point. If three floats are given, then the handle values are automatically generated.
Returns: BezTriple
a new BezTriple object

Variables Details [hide private]


The available BezTriple handle types.
  • FREE - handle has no constraints
  • AUTO - completely constrain handle based on knot position
  • VECT - constraint handle to line between current and neighboring knot
  • ALIGN - constrain handle to lie in a straight line with knot's other handle
  • AUTOANIM - constrain IPO handles to be horizontal on extremes
readonly dictionary