The World and The Universe

Blender provides a number of very interesting settings to complete your renderings by adding a nice background, and some interesting 'depth' effects. These are accessible via the Shading Context (F5) and World Buttons sub-context ( ) shown in Figure 1. By default a very plain uniform world is present. You can edit it or add a new World.

Figure 1. World Buttons

The World Background

Relevant to Blender v2.31

The simplest way to use the World Buttons is to provide a nice gradient background for images. The buttons in the World Panel (Figure 2) allow you to define the color at the horizon (HoR, HoG, HoB buttons) and at the zenith (ZeR, ZeG, ZeB buttons).

Figure 2. Background colors

These colors are interpreted differently, according to the Buttons in the Preview Panel (Figure 2):

The World Buttons also provide a Texture Panel with two Tabs. They are used much like the Materials textures, except for a couple of differences (Figure 3):

Figure 3. Texture buttons