Blender Documentation Guidelines

Stefano <S68> Selleri

Bart <B@rt> Veldhuzen

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Revision 0.0.126 Nov 2002S68
Licenses fixed - First release to the big public.
Revision 0.0.020 Nov 2002B@rt, S68
First draft.


This document contains instructions guidelines and tips for compiling Blender Documentation.

Current version is 0.0.1. The XML source of this documentation stays here

Table of Contents

1. About Blender Documentation Project
2. Writing XML
2.1. Why DocBook XML instead than (your favourite Format here)
2.2. Why DocBook XML and not SGML
3. Documentation Style Guide
3.1. General Guidelines
3.2. Images Guideline
3.3. Tables
3.4. Code
4. Documentation Style in Practice
4.1. Images Examples
4.2. Tables
4.3. Code
4.4. Cross references
A. Webography
B. Keywords
C. Cross Reference Labelling Guidelines
D. Open Content License
E. Blender Artistic License

List of Figures

4.1. A demo float image, with its appropriate caption

List of Tables

3.1. Image resolution/dimensions

List of Examples

4.1. How to include a Float Figure
4.2. How to include an Inline Figure
4.3. How to include a Table
4.4. How to include Code