Arranging Nodes



Toggle snapping mode for moving nodes around.

Snap Node Element Selector

This selector provide the following node elements for snap:


Snap to grid background.

Node X

Snap to left/right node border.

Node Y

Snap to top/bottom node border.

Node X/Y

Snap to any node border.

Snap Target

Which part to snap onto the target.


Snap closest point onto target.


Snap center onto target.


Snap median onto target.


Snap active onto target.


When you drop a node with at least one input and one output socket onto an existing connection between two nodes, Auto-offset will, depending on the direction setting, automatically move the left or right node away to make room for the new node. Auto-offset is a feature that helps organizing node layouts interactively without interrupting the user workflow.


Auto-offset is enabled by default, but it can be disabled from the editor’s header.

You can toggle the offset direction while you are moving the node by pressing T.

The offset margin can be changed using the Auto-offset Margin setting in the editing section of the Preferences.