Default Keymap

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, this page shows common keys used in Blender’s default keymap.

Global Keys

Ctrl-O Open file.
Ctrl-S Save file.
Ctrl-N New file.
Ctrl-Z Undo.
Shift-Ctrl-Z Redo.
Ctrl-Q Quit.
F1 Help (context sensitive).
F2 Rename active item.
F3 Operator search.
F4 File context menu.
F5 - F8 Reserved for user actions.
F9 Adjust last operation.
F11 Show render window.
F12 Render the current frame.
Q Quick access (favorites).
Ctrl-Spacebar Toggle Maximize Area.
Ctrl-Alt-Spacebar Toggle Fullscreen Area
Ctrl-PageUp / Ctrl-PageDown Next/previous Workspace.

User configurable.

Play:Toggle animation playback.
Tools:Tool switching with hotkeys (Shift-Spacebar for play).
Search:Search for actions (Shift-Spacebar for play).
Shift-Ctrl-Spacebar Playback animation (reverse).

Common Editor Keys

These keys are shared across editors such as the 3D Viewport, UV and Graph editor.

A Select all.
Alt-A Select none.
Ctrl-I Invert selection.
H Hide selection.
Alt-H Reveal hidden items.
T Toggle Toolbar.
N Toggle Sidebar.

3D Viewport Keys

Tab Edit-mode toggle.
Ctrl-Tab Mode switching pie menu (toggles Pose Mode for armatures).
1 - 3 Edit mesh vertex/edge/face toggle (Shift extends, Ctrl expands).
AccentGrave 3D View navigation pie menu.
Ctrl-AccentGrave Toggle gizmos.
Shift-AccentGrave Walk/Fly Mode.


Select With

Controls which mouse button, either right or left, is used to select items in Blender. If Left is selected the RMB will be a context sensitive menu, if Right is selected the LMB will place the 3D Cursor.

Select All Toggles

Causes selection to de-select all when any selection exists.

Spacebar Action

Controls the action of Spacebar. These and other shortcuts can be modified in the keymap preferences.

Starts playing through the Timeline, this option is good for animation or video editing work.
Opens the Toolbar underneath the cursor to quickly change the active tool. This option is good for if doing a lot of modeling or rigging work.
Opens up the operator search. This option is good for someone who is new to Blender and is unfamiliar with the menus and shortcuts.

3D View

Tab for Pie Menu
Causes Tab to open a pie menu (swaps Tab and Ctrl-Tab).
Pie Menu on Drag

This allows keys to have a secondary drag action.

tap:Toggles Edit Mode.
drag:Object mode pie menu.
tap:Toggles wireframe view.
drag:Display mode pie menu.
tap:First person Fly/walk mode.
drag:View axis pie menu.

Tilde Action


Navigation pie menu.

Use this on systems without a numeric keypad.


Transform gizmos pie menu.

Use this for quickly switching between transform gizmos.

Extra Shading Pie Menu Items
Show additional items in the shading menu (Z key).

Platform Specific Keys


The Cmd key is assigned instead of Ctrl on macOS for all but a few exceptions which conflict with the operating system.

Cmd-Comma Preferences.