Industry Compatible Keymap

While this is not a comprehensive list, this page shows common keys used in the industry compatible keymap.


1 - 9 Mode/Element switching
RMB Context menu
Tab Operator Search.
Shift-Tab Quick access (favorites)
Ctrl-D Duplicate
P Set Parent
Return Rename
Ctrl-Return Render
B Proportional Editing / Soft Selection
Ctrl-[ Toggle Toolbar
Ctrl-] Toggle Sidebar


Alt-LMB Orbit View
Alt-MMB Pan View
Alt-RMB Zoom View
F1 - F4 Front/Side/Top/Camera Viewpoints
F Frame Selected
A Frame All


LMB Select
Ctrl-A Select All
Shift-Ctrl-A Deselect All
Ctrl-I Select Inverse
Up Select More
Down Select Less
Double LMB Select Loop
Double Alt-LMB Select Ring
] Select Linked


W, E, R Transform Tools
Q Box Select
D Annotate
C Cursor Tool

Edit Mode Tools

Ctrl-E Extrude
Ctrl-B Bevel
I Inset
K Knife
Alt-C Loop Cut


Spacebar Play/Pause
S Set Location + Rotation + Scale keyframe
Shift-S Insert Keyframe menu
Shift-W Set Location Key
Shift-E Set Rotation Key
Shift-R Set Scale Key

Platform Specific Keys


The Cmd key is assigned instead of Ctrl on macOS for all but a few exceptions which conflict with the operating system.