Sky Texture Node


Sky Texture Node.

The Sky Texture node adds a procedural Sky texture.



Texture coordinate to sample texture at; defaults to Generated texture coordinates if the socket is left unconnected.


Sky Type

Sky model to use.


Based on the 1999 paper by Preetham et al.


Based on the 2012 paper by Hosek and Wilkie.


Improved version of the 1993 model by Nishita et al.

Sun Direction

Sun direction vector.


Atmospheric turbidity.

  • 2: Arctic like

  • 3: clear sky

  • 6: warm/moist day

  • 10: hazy day

Ground Albedo

Amount of light reflected from the planet surface back into the atmosphere.

Sun Disc

Enable/Disable sun disc lighting.

Sun Size

Angular diameter of the sun disc (in degrees).

Sun Intensity

Multiplier for sun disc lighting.

Sun Elevation

Rotation of the sun from the horizon (in degrees).

Sun Rotation

Rotation of the sun around the zenith (in degrees).


The distance from sea level to the location of the camera. For example, if the camera is placed on a beach then a value of 0 should be used. However, if the camera is in the cockpit of a flying airplane then a value of 10 km will be more suitable. Note, this is limited to 60 km because the mathematical model only accounts for the first two layers of the earth’s atmosphere (which ends around 60 km).


Density of air molecules.

  • 0 no air

  • 1 clear day atmosphere

  • 2 highly polluted day


Density of dust and water droplets.

  • 0 no dust

  • 1 clear day atmosphere

  • 5 city like atmosphere

  • 10 hazy day


Density of ozone molecules; useful to make the sky appear bluer.

  • 0 no ozone

  • 1 clear day atmosphere

  • 2 city like atmosphere



Texture color output.



Example of Sky Texture.

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