Mode:Object Mode and Edit Mode
Panel:Tool Shelf ‣ Create ‣ Add Primitive/Curve
Menu:Add ‣ Curve

Add Curve menu.

In Object Mode, the Add Curve menu, provides five different curve primitives:

Bézier Curve

Adds an open 2D Bézier curve with two control points.

Bézier Circle

Adds a closed, circle-shaped 2D Bézier curve (made of four control points).


Adds an open 2D NURBS curve, with four control points, with Uniform knots.

NURBS Circle

Adds a closed, circle-shaped 2D NURBS curve (made of eight control points).


Adds a NURBS open 3D curve made of five aligned control points, with Endpoint knots and the Curve Path setting enabled.

Draw Curve

A free-hand draw tool for curve creation by dragging the mouse.

Common Options

Radius, Align to View, Location, Rotation
See Common Object Options.