Drivers can be added to properties via their context menu, a shortcut, copy-pasted, or by typing an expression directly into the property's value.

After adding drivers, they are usually modified in the Drivers editor, or via a simplified Edit Driver popover invoked from the property context menu.

Add Driver


Menu:Context menu ‣ Add Driver

The usual way to add a driver to a property is to RMB click a property, then choose Add Driver in the context menu. Drivers can also be added by pressing Ctrl-D with the mouse over the property.

This operation adds a driver with a single variable (which needs to be filled in), and displays the Edit Driver popover.

Edit Driver


Menu:Context menu ‣ Edit Driver

Displays a popover window that allows editing the custom expression and input variables of the driver without opening the full Drivers Editor.

Many drivers don't use their F-Curve component, so this reduced interface is sufficient.

Open Drivers Editor


Menu:Context menu ‣ Open Drivers Editor

Opens a new window with the Drivers Editor and selects the driver associated with the property.

Copy & Paste


Menu:Context menu ‣ Copy Driver
Menu:Context menu ‣ Paste Driver

Drivers can be copied and pasted via the context menu. When adding drivers with the same settings, this can save time modifying settings.

Copy As New Driver


Menu:Context menu ‣ Copy As New Driver

A driver that sets the property value to the value of a different property can be quickly created by using the Copy As New Driver context menu option of the input property, and then pasting the result onto the output property via Paste Driver.

It is also possible to add the new driver variable to an existing driver using the Paste Driver Variables button in the editor panel.


This is a quick way to add drivers with a scripted expression. First click the property you want to add a driver to, then type a hash # and a scripted expression.

Some examples:

  • #frame
  • #frame / 20.0
  • #sin(frame)
  • #cos(frame)

Removing Drivers


Menu:Context menu ‣ Delete Driver(s)
Menu:Context menu ‣ Delete Single Driver

Removes driver(s) associated with the property, either for the single selected property or sub-channel, or all components of a vector.