Indirect Lighting

While not strictly correct, all lighting that is not coming straight out from a light object is considered as indirect lighting in Eevee. That means distant HDRI lighting (or World) is considered as indirect lighting. Mesh objects using an Emission node are also considered as indirect lighting.

Eeveeではindirect lightingはDiffuse(拡散)とSpecularの2つの要素に分けられます。どちらも異なるニーズと描画を有しています。効率化のため、indirect lightingのデータは要求に応じて事前に計算されstatic lighting casheに入ります。

今現在、light cacheは静的でレンダリング前に計算されている必要があります。フレームごとにこれを更新することはできません(プログラミング無しでは)。この制限は現在改善中で将来的には取り除かれるでしょう。

view independent lightingのみベイクすることができ、Reflection Planeをlight cacheの中に含めていないのはそのためです。

ベイクの過程で利用されるvisibilityやコレクションはその段階のAcrive View Layerの中のものです。

To enable light bounces through large environments, the light baking process can be run multiple times while injecting the previous bake result into the bake.

Light bouncesはdiffuse lightingだけを考慮します。



Render ‣ Indirect Lighting

Auto Bake


Diffuse Bounces

Number of bounces to compute when baking the diffuse irradiance. Total baking time is more or less multiplied by the number of bounce.

Cubemap Size

reflection cubemapの大きさです。

Diffuse Occlusion

各irradianceのサンプルはindirecgt lightningの漏れを最小にするためにshadow mapも保管しています。このパラメーターはshadow mapの大きさを定義します。

Irradiance Smoothing

Smooths irradiance interpolation but introduces light bleeding. The irradiance visibility term can make the lighting not interpolate smoothly on some surfaces. This setting relaxes the weight of that interpolation.

Clamp Glossy

Clamp pixel intensity to reduce noise inside glossy reflections from reflection cubemaps (0 is disabled).

Filter Quality

Takes more samples during cubemap filtering to remove artifacts. For now, this only has an effect on cubemaps.


Cubemap Size

Display the Reflection Cubemaps present in the cache directly in the 3D Viewport.

Irradiance Size

Display the Irradiance Samples present in the cache in the 3D Viewport.


Cache data display only works in the 3D Viewport and only if the viewport uses world lighting in Material Preview or Rendered mode.