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Ctrl-R (Voxel), Ctrl-Alt-R (Quadriflow)

リメッシュは、より均一なトポロジーでジオメトリを自動的に再構築する手法です。リメッシュは、定義された解像度に応じて、トポロジーの量を追加、削除できます。このテクニックは、初期の形状を固めた後、より良いトポロジーを生成するための Sculpting(スカルプティング) に特に役立ちます。

The Voxel Remesher uses an OpenVDB to generate a new manifold mesh from the current geometry. It produces a mesh with perfectly even distributed topology and it does not have any performance penalty once the new mesh is calculated. This makes the voxel remesher great for sculpting has it is possible to sculpt at a much higher level of detail than using other features like dyntopo which often adds more performance overhead.

Voxel Size(ボクセルサイズ)

The resolution or the amount of detail the remeshed mesh will have. The value is used to define the size, in object space, of the Voxel. These voxels are assembled around the mesh and are used to determine the new geometry. For example a value of 0.5m will create topological patches that are about 0.5m (assuming Preserve Volume is enabled). Lower values preserve finer details but will result in a mesh with a much more dense topology.

The voxel size also be adjusted from the 3D Viewport using Shift-R. Using this shortcut shows a grid that has the real size of the resulting voxel size. Holding Shift while adjusting the size allows better pressing while holding Ctrl adjusts the size using a relative scale.

Sample Voxel Size

Used to adjust the Voxel Size by picking an area of the mesh to match the denseness of polygons after the remesh operation.


詳細が不要なジオメトリ単純化により、最終的な面の数を減らします。これにより、詳細をあまり必要としない面に三角形化が導入されます。 Adaptivity(適応力) の値がゼロより大きいと、 Fix Poles(ポールを修正) が無効になることに注意してください。

Fix Poles(ポールを修正)

Tries to produce less poles at the cost of some performance to produce a better topological flow.



Paint Mask(ペイントマスク)

ペイントマスク を新しいメッシュに再投影します。

Face Sets(面セット)

Face Sets(面セット) を新しいメッシュに再投影します。

Color Attributes

Reprojects the Color Attributes onto the new mesh.

Voxel Remesh(ボクセルリメッシュ)