Collection Properties



Объектный режим


Properties ‣ Collection Properties

Collection properties tab allows convenient access to properties for the active collection.


Collection properties.



Collection is selectable in the scene.

Disable in Renders

Collection is globally disabled in renders.

Узел «Дыра»

Mask objects in collection from view layer.

Indirect Only

Objects in this collection only contribute indirectly (through shadows and reflections) in the view layer.


Instance Offset

Offset from the origin when instancing.

Line Art


How the collection is loaded into line art. Child objects of the collection can override this setting if they wish in Object Properties.


Include all objects in this collection into line art calculation.

Intersection Only

Objects in the collection will only produce intersection lines in the scene and their own geometry stay invisible.

Occlusion Only

Objects in the collection will only cause occlusion to existing feature lines and their geometry stay invisible.


Objects in this collection will not be loaded into line art at all.

No Intersection

Objects in this collection will not generate intersection lines on themselves or with other objects in scene.