Line Project



Sculpt Mode


Toolbar ‣ Line Project

This tool flattens the geometry along a plane determined by the camera view and a drawn line. The region of the mesh being flattened is visualized by the side of the line that is shaded.

Tool Settings

Limit to Segment

Apply the gesture action only to the area that is contained within the segment without extending its effect to the entire line.


  1. Orient the 3D Viewport to define the local view plane to use for the Boolean.

  2. LMB and hold while moving the cursor to define the line to pick a region of the view plane to remove.

  3. Release LMB to confirm.


Flip F

Changes the side of the line that the tool removes geometry.

Snap Ctrl

Constrains the rotation of the line to 15 degree intervals.

Move Ctrl-Spacebar

Changes the location of the line.



Before Line Project.


After Line Project.