Sculpt Mode


Toolbar ‣ Paint

Paints on the active color attribute.

Brush Settings


Choose a primary and secondary color for painting. See Color Picker.

Press S on any part of the image to sample that color and set it as the brush color. Hold Ctrl while painting to temporally paint with the secondary color.

Swap Colors (cycle icon)

Swaps the primary and secondary colors.

Use Unified Color

Use the same brush color across all brushes.

Blend Mode

Set the way the paint is applied over the underlying color. See Color Blend Modes.


Amount of paint that is applied per stroke sample. Used to create an accumulation effect.

Wet Mix

Amount of paint that is picked from the surface into the brush color.

Wet Persistence

Amount of wet paint that stays in the brush after applying paint to the surface.

Wet Paint Radius

Ratio between the brush radius and the radius that is going to be used to sample the color to blend in wet paint.


Amount of random elements that are going to be affected by this brush. Use this for a detailed airbrush effect.

Tip Roundness

Roundness of the brush tip. The lower the value the more square the brush tip becomes. A lower roundness also affects the hardness of the brush.

Tip Scale X

Scale of the brush tip in the X axis.