Vista ‣ Alinear Vista

Estas opciones le permiten alinear y orientar la vista.

Alinear Vista al Activo

The options in this menu align your view with specified local axes of the selected active object, bone, or, in Edit Mode with the normal of the selected face.

Hold down Shift while using the numpad to set the view axis.

Alinear Cámara Activa a Vista Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0

Moves and rotates the active camera to the current viewpoint.

Alinear Cámara Activa a lo Seleccionado

Points the active camera toward the selected object; based on the direction of the current viewpoint.

Centrar Cursor y Enmarcar Todo Mayús-C

Moves the cursor back to the origin and zooms in/out so that you can see everything in your scene.

Centrar Vista en Cursor

Centers view to 3D cursor.

Fijar Vista a Activo

Centers view to the last selected active object, overriding other view alignment settings.

Eliminar Fijación de la Vista

Returns the view alignment to the view align settings before use of View Lock to Active.