Widget Rampa Colore

Color Ramps enables the user to specify a range of colors based on color stops. Color stops are similar to a mark indicating where exactly the chosen color should be. The interval from each of the stops, added to the ramp, is a result of the color interpolation and chosen interpolation method.


Rampa Colore.


Add +

Clicking on this button will add a stop to your color ramp. The stops are added from the last selected stop to the next one, from left to right and they will be placed in the middle of both stops.

Cancella -

Deletes the selected color stop from the list.

Specials v

Contiene ulteriori operatori per la rampa dei colori.

Inverti Rampa Colore

Flips the gradient, inverting the values of the color ramp.

Distribuire Stop da Sinistra

Distribuisce gli stop in modo che ogni passaggio abbia lo stesso spazio a destra. Ciò è utile soprattutto se utilizzato con la modalità di interpolazione costante.

Distribuire uniformemente gli stop

Space between all neighboring stops becomes equal.

Contagocce (icona pipetta) E

Un Contagocce per campionare un colore o gradiente dall’interfaccia da usare nella rampa di colore.

Resetta Rampa Colore

Riporta la rampa colore al suo stato predefinito.

Modalità colore

Selection of the Color Model used for interpolation.


Miscela il colore mescolando ogni canale di colore e combinandolo.


Blends colors by first converting to HSV or HSL, mixing, then combining again. This has the advantage of maintaining saturation between different hues, where RGB would de-saturate, this allows for a richer gradient.

Color Interpolation

Enables you to choose the types of calculations for the color interpolation for each color stop.


Uses a B-spline interpolation for the color stops.


Uses a cardinal interpolation for the color stops.


Uses a linear interpolation for the color stops.


Uses an ease interpolation for the color stops.


Uses a constant interpolation for the color stops.


Interpolazione in senso orario attorno alla ruota HSV / HSL.


Interpolazione antioraria attorno alla ruota HSV / HSL.


Percorso più vicino alla ruota.


Percorso più lontano alla ruota.


Opzioni di interpolazione HSV e HSL.

Stop Colore Attivo

Index of the active color stop (shown as a dashed line). Allows you to change the active color when colors may be too close to easily select with the cursor.


This slider controls the positioning of the selected color stop in the range.


Opens a color picker for the user to specify color and Alpha for the selected color stop. When a color is using Alpha, the color field is then divided in two, with the left side showing the base color and the right side showing the color with the alpha value.


  • LMB (drag) moves colors.

  • Ctrl-LMB (click) adds a new control point.