Triangulate Modifier

The Triangulate modifier converts all faces in a mesh (quads and polygons) to triangular faces. It fulfills the exact same function as the Triangulate tool in Edit Mode.


Mesh before Triangulate modifier.


Mesh after Triangulate modifier.



The Triangulate modifier.

Quad Method
Split the quads in nice triangles, slower method.
Split the quads on their 1st and 3rd vertices.
Fixed Alternate
Split the quads on their 2nd and 4th vertices.
Shortest Diagonal
Split the quads based on the diagonal distance between their vertices.
N-gon Method
Arrange the new triangles nicely, slower method.
Split the polygons using an ear-clipping algorithm (gives similar results to the tessellation used for the viewport rendering).
Keep Normals
When using custom normals, try to preserve the same shading as before triangulation.
Minimum Vertices
Minimum number of vertices a face must have to be triangulated. For example, setting this value to 5, will prevent triangulation of quads and only triangulate N-gons.