Blur Attribute Node

Blur Attribute node.

The Blur Attribute node smooths attribute values between neighboring geometry elements.

The goal of each step is mixing values of each element with its neighbors. The weight for element is factor for multiplying all neighbor's values before accumulating them as new primitive value.

Blurring will only work with certain geometry types and attribute domains. Therefore, the attribute can only be affected on the Meshes and Curves components.

The domains this node works on is based on the field context of the node's evaluation. Only domains with explicit relations with their neighbors will work with this node. Explicit relations for correct blurring are vertices, edges, and faces of meshes, and curve control points.


Blurring of face corner attributes is not handled by this node, because the ideal behavior for mixing face corner values is not clear.

All attribute data types are supported except for boolean attributes.



The immediate value of each primitive to blur.


Number of repetitions of mixing value with neighbors. Each iteration is independent. Until one iteration is completed, its results are not used as a source for next blurring.


Weight of each primitive.


Data Type(データタイプ)

評価したデータに使用される データ型



Values, mixed with neighbors defined number of times.


Input is Mesh Plane. First Subdivide Mesh Node add some faces for capture color with Random Value Node used as hue in Combine Color Node on this. Now second Subdivide Mesh Node split each face on a lot of new. Each one new duplicates original attribute. Blur Attribute node mixes all attributes for each face. Due to this, the result is smoothed.