Create Guide Index Map

Creates an integer attribute named guide_curve_index that stores the nearest guide curve for every curve to its nearest guide via index.

Other nodes in the Hair Guides Nodes category can generate guide maps themselves for convenience, but the behavior is always the same as this node.




Guide Curves or Points used for the selection of Guide Curves.

Guide Distance

Minimum distance between two guides.

Guide Mask

Mask for which curve are eligible to be selected as guides.

Group ID

ID to group together curves for guide map creation. Curves will only choose a guide with the same ID value.





Output geometry including the new map attribute and the guide selection anonymous attribute as well. This geometry includes the guide curves, they are not separated.

Guide Curves

Output geometry including only the selected guide curves.

Guide Index

The index of the closest curve with the same Group ID value.

Guide Selection

A selection in the Geometry output set to true for only the curves that were chosen as guides.