Mesh Display


Mode:Edit Mode
Panel:Properties region ‣ Mesh Display

Mesh Display panel.

This panel is available only in edit mode, when the object being edited is a mesh.


The Overlays section provides controls for highlighting parts of the mesh.

Toggles the option to see the selected edges highlighted. If enabled the edges that have both vertices selected will be highlighted. This only affects in vertex selection mode and when UV Unwrapping.
Defines if the selected faces will be highlighted in the 3D View. This affects all selection modes.
Creases and Bevel Weight
Highlights edges marked with a crease weight for the Subdivision Surface Modifier and/or a bevel weight for the Bevel Modifier, respectively. In both cases, the higher the weight, the brighter the highlight.
Seams and Sharp
Highlights edges marked as a UV seam for unwrapping and/or sharp edges for the Edge Split Modifier.
Edge Marks and Face Marks
Used by Freestyle.
Show Weight
Displays the vertex weights as color on the mesh (like in Weight Paint Mode) or color on the edges in wire draw mode.



Displays the normals of faces and/or vertices using the toggle buttons:

  • Vertex normals
  • Vertex per face (Split Normals)
  • Face normals
You can also change the length of the axis that points the direction of the normal.

Show Extra

Numerical measures of the selected elements on screen. The Units can be set in the Scene tab.

Edge Length and Edge Angle
Shows the length and angle of the selected edges.
Face Area and Face Angle
Show the area and angles of the selected faces.