Overlays (наложения)

The Overlays pop-over configures the overlays that are displayed on top of images. In the header, there is a button to turn off all overlays for the UV Editor. This option also toggles the visibility of UDIMs tile information. The options that are visible in the pop-over depend on the UV Editor mode.

Редактирование UV

Display Stretch

Shows how much of a difference there is between UV coordinates and 3D coordinates. Blue means low distortion, while Red means high distortion. Choose to display the distortion of Angles or the Area.

Geometry (геометрия)

UV Opacity (непрозрачность UV)

Opacity of the above UV overlays.

Display As

Controls how edges are shown.


Display white edges with black outline.


Display dashed black-white edges.

Black (чёрный)

Display black edges.

White (белый)

Display white edges.

Modified Edges

Show results of modifiers in the UV display.

Faces (грани)

Отображение граней поверх изображения.


Show Metadata (отображение метаданных)

Displays the metadata if they were set in the render tab’s Metadata (метаданные) panel.