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These are global settings that apply to all instances of hair systems. The resolution of the strands is controlled by the step values in particle settings. Each hair system uses the material identified in the particle settings in the same way as Blender Internal.

Use Hair
Enables rendering of hair particle systems.

Uses a triangle mesh.

Number of times to subdivide the hair. Higher values gives better quality results at the cost of increased memory usage.
Line Segments
Uses a straight curve primitive.
Curve Segments

Uses a smooth Cardinal curve primitive. These interpolate a path through the curve keys. However, it renders slower than line segments.

Curve Subdivisions
The interpolated path is subdivided to give points to connect. The parameter subdivisions sets the number of divisions used.

Cylindrical segments between two points.

Cull back-faces
Excludes strands emitted from the mesh backfacing the camera.
Are flat planes following the strand direction facing the camera.