Панель инструментов


Select or move.

Select Box

Select objects by dragging a box. All objects that intersect the box will be selected.

Select Circle

Select objects by dragging a circle. All objects that intersect the path of the circle will be selected.

Select Lasso

Select objects by drawing a lasso.


Change the location of the 3D Cursor.

Move (перемещение)

Translation tool.


Rotation tool.

Scale (масштаб)

Scale tool.

Scale Cage

Change the scale of an object by controlling its cage.


Tool to adjust the objects translation, rotations and scale.


Draw free-hand annotation.

Annotate Line (линия)

Draw straight line annotation.

Annotate Polygon (ломаная линия)

Draw a polygon annotation.

Annotate Eraser (ластик)

Erase previous drawn annotations.


Measure distances in the scene.

Add Cube

Interactively add a cube mesh object.

Add Cone

Interactively add a cone mesh object.

Add Cylinder

Interactively add a cylinder mesh object.

Add UV Sphere

Interactively add a UV sphere mesh object.

Add Ico Sphere

Interactively add an icosphere mesh object.