Area boundaries are indicated by rounded corners (yellow highlights).

The Blender window is divided up into a number of rectangles called Areas. Areas reserve screen space for Editors (редакторы), such as the 3D Viewport, or the Outliner. In general an Editor provides a way to view and modify your work through a specific part of Blender. All hotkeys you press will affect the contents of the Editor in the Area the mouse pointer is located. Area boundaries are indicated by rounded (beveled) corners.

Areas can be customized to match specific tasks called Workspaces, which can then be named and saved for later use.

Изменение размеров


Вы можете изменить размер областей, перетаскивая их границы с помощью ЛКМ. Наведите курсор мыши на границу между двумя областями так, чтобы курсор изменился на двунаправленную стрелку, а затем щёлкните и перетащите.



Splitting an area will create a new area. Placing the mouse cursor in an area corner will change the cursor to a cross (+) to indicate that pressing down LMB will activate splitting or joining operator. Dragging from area corner inward will split the area. You define the split direction by dragging either horizontally or vertically.



The Properties is being joined to the Outliner.

Dragging from an area corner outward will join two areas. The area that will be closed gets a dark overlaid arrow. You can select which area will be closed by moving the mouse over areas. Release the LMB to complete the join. If you press Esc or RMB before releasing the mouse, the operation will be aborted.


Areas to be joined must be the same size (width or height) in the direction you wish to join, otherwise nothing will happen. This is so that the combined area remains a rectangle.

Параметры области

ПКМ на границе открывает Параметры области.

Split Area

Показывает линию индикатора, которая позволяет выбрать область и положение для разделения. Клавиша Tab переключает между вертикальным/горизонтальным.

Join Areas

Показывает цвет направления соединения.

Замена содержимого

You can swap the contents between two areas with Ctrl-LMB on one of the corners of the initial area, dragging towards the target area, and releasing the mouse there. The two areas do not need to be side-by-side, though they must be inside the same window.

Дублирование области в новое окно



View ‣ Area ‣ Duplicate Area into new Window

Новое плавающее окно, содержащее область, может быть создано из View ‣ Area ‣ Duplicate Area into new Window. (Недоступно в некоторых редакторах.)

Новое окно является полностью функциональным окном, которое является частью того же экземпляра Blender. Это может быть полезно, например. если у вас несколько мониторов.

You can also create a new window from an existing area by Shift-LMB on the area corner, then drag outward slightly.

The window can be closed with the OS Close Window button.

Переключение области в максимальный размер



View ‣ Area ‣ Toggle Maximize Area

Горячая клавиша


The maximized area fill the whole application window. You can maximize an area with View ‣ Area ‣ Toggle Maximize Area menu entry or keyboard shortcut. To return to normal size, use the keyboard shortcut again or the Back to Previous button on the Topbar.


The area your mouse is currently hovering over is the one that will be maximized using the keyboard shortcuts.

Переключение текущей области в полный экран



View ‣ Area ‣ Toggle Fullscreen Area

Горячая клавиша


The fullscreen area contains only the main region of the editor. To exit fullscreen use the keyboard shortcut or move the mouse to the top right corner of the area to reveal the return icon.