Fly/Walk Mode

There are cases where it's preferable to navigate with first person controls, especially for large environments such as architectural models. In these cases orbiting around the view center is limiting. While zoom, pan & dolly can be used, it's inconvenient.

With walk/fly modes you can navigate around the scene where view rotation is performed from the cameras location.



In the Preferences editor select the navigation mode you want to use as default when invoking the View Navigation operator. Alternatively you can call the individual modes from the View Navigation menu.

Common use cases for walk/fly include:

This can be a quick way to navigate a large scene.
Camera Placement
When activated from a camera view, this will move the camera too.
Recording Animation
Running from a camera with auto-keyframe and playing animation will record the motion as you make it allowing you to record the walk-through.



菜单:View ‣ Navigation ‣ Walk Navigation

在激活时,鼠标指针会移动到视图的中心, 并且会出现十字准星标记。

This navigation mode behaves similar to the first person navigation system available in most 3D world games. It works with a combination of keyboard arrow keys and mouse movement.


  • Move the mouse in the direction you want to look.

  • Arrow keys or W, A, S, D move forwards/backwards and strafe left/right.

  • Teleport Spacebar.

    This moves you to the location at the cross-hair (offset by the camera height value set in the Preferences).

  • V - 仅 重力 模式下。

  • 上下移动 Q, E - 仅 自由 模式下。

  • 使用 Tab自由重力 模式之间切换。

  • Change the movement speed:

    • WheelUp or NumpadPlus to increase the movement speed for this open session.
    • WheelDown or NumpadMinus to decrease the movement speed for this open session.
    • Shift (hold) -- to speed up the movement temporarily.
    • Alt (hold) -- to slow down the movement temporarily.

当对新视图感到满意后,按 LMB 确认。按下 EscRMB ,返回初始位置。

If the defaults values (speed, mouse sensitivity, ...) need adjustments for your project, in the Preferences you can select a few options for the navigation system:



菜单:View ‣ Navigation ‣ Fly Navigation

On activation the cursor is centered inside a rectangle that defines a safe-region. When the cursor is outside this region the view will rotate/pan.


  • Move the mouse outside the safe-region in the direction you want to look.

  • Move the view forward/backward:

    • WheelUp or NumpadPlus to accelerate the movement forward.

    • WheelDown or NumpadMinus to accelerate the movement backward.

      因此,如果视图正在向前移动了, WheelDown, NumpadMinus 会将其停住,然后向后移动, 等等。

  • MMB Drag to pan the view.

    In this case the view can move laterally on its local axis at the moment you drag the mouse.

  • Shift precision (slow the momentum).

  • Ctrl disable rotation.

    While held, the view rotation doesn't influence the flight direction, this allows you to fly past an object, keeping it centered in the view, even as you fly away from it.

当对新视图感到满意后,按 LMB 确认。按下 EscRMB ,返回初始位置。