Principled Volume


Principled Volume.

The Principled Volume shader combines all volume shading components into a single easy to use node. Volumes like smoke and fire can be rendered with a single shader node, which includes scattering, absorption and blackbody emission.



Volume scattering color.

Color Attribute

Volume grid for coloring the volume. Use «color» for smoke simulations.

Density (плотность)

Density of the volume.

Density Attribute

Volume grid to define the density, typically «density».


Backward or forward scattering direction.

Absorption Color

Volume shadow color tint.

Emission Strength

Amount of light to emit.

Emission Color

Emission color tint.

Blackbody Intensity

Blackbody emission for fire. Set to 1 for physically accurate intensity.

Blackbody Tint

Color tint for blackbody emission.


Temperature in kelvin for blackbody emission, higher values emit more.

Temperature Attribute

Volume grid to define the temperature, typically «temperature».


Этот узел не содержит свойств.


Volume (объём)

Стандартный выход шейдера.