Brush Operators#

bpy.ops.brush.asset_activate(asset_library_type='LOCAL', asset_library_identifier='', relative_asset_identifier='')#

Activate a brush asset as current sculpt and paint tool

  • asset_library_type (enum in Asset Library Type Items, (optional)) – Asset Library Type

  • asset_library_identifier (string, (optional, never None)) – Asset Library Identifier

  • relative_asset_identifier (string, (optional, never None)) – Relative Asset Identifier


Delete the active brush asset

bpy.ops.brush.asset_edit_metadata(catalog_path='', author='', description='')#

Edit asset information like the catalog, preview image, tags, or author

  • catalog_path (string, (optional, never None)) – Catalog, The asset’s catalog path

  • author (string, (optional, never None)) – Author

  • description (string, (optional, never None)) – Description

bpy.ops.brush.asset_load_preview(filepath='', hide_props_region=True, check_existing=False, filter_blender=False, filter_backup=False, filter_image=True, filter_movie=False, filter_python=False, filter_font=False, filter_sound=False, filter_text=False, filter_archive=False, filter_btx=False, filter_collada=False, filter_alembic=False, filter_usd=False, filter_obj=False, filter_volume=False, filter_folder=True, filter_blenlib=False, filemode=9, show_multiview=False, use_multiview=False, display_type='DEFAULT', sort_method='')#

Choose a preview image for the brush

  • filepath (string, (optional, never None)) – File Path, Path to file

  • hide_props_region (boolean, (optional)) – Hide Operator Properties, Collapse the region displaying the operator settings

  • check_existing (boolean, (optional)) – Check Existing, Check and warn on overwriting existing files

  • filter_blender (boolean, (optional)) – Filter .blend files

  • filter_backup (boolean, (optional)) – Filter .blend files

  • filter_image (boolean, (optional)) – Filter image files

  • filter_movie (boolean, (optional)) – Filter movie files

  • filter_python (boolean, (optional)) – Filter Python files

  • filter_font (boolean, (optional)) – Filter font files

  • filter_sound (boolean, (optional)) – Filter sound files

  • filter_text (boolean, (optional)) – Filter text files

  • filter_archive (boolean, (optional)) – Filter archive files

  • filter_btx (boolean, (optional)) – Filter btx files

  • filter_collada (boolean, (optional)) – Filter COLLADA files

  • filter_alembic (boolean, (optional)) – Filter Alembic files

  • filter_usd (boolean, (optional)) – Filter USD files

  • filter_obj (boolean, (optional)) – Filter OBJ files

  • filter_volume (boolean, (optional)) – Filter OpenVDB volume files

  • filter_folder (boolean, (optional)) – Filter folders

  • filter_blenlib (boolean, (optional)) – Filter Blender IDs

  • filemode (int in [1, 9], (optional)) – File Browser Mode, The setting for the file browser mode to load a .blend file, a library or a special file

  • show_multiview (boolean, (optional)) – Enable Multi-View

  • use_multiview (boolean, (optional)) – Use Multi-View

  • display_type (enum in ['DEFAULT', 'LIST_VERTICAL', 'LIST_HORIZONTAL', 'THUMBNAIL'], (optional)) –

    Display Type

    • DEFAULT Default – Automatically determine display type for files.

    • LIST_VERTICAL Short List – Display files as short list.

    • LIST_HORIZONTAL Long List – Display files as a detailed list.

    • THUMBNAIL Thumbnails – Display files as thumbnails.

  • sort_method (enum in [], (optional)) – File sorting mode


Revert the active brush settings to the default values from the asset library

bpy.ops.brush.asset_save_as(name='', asset_library_reference='', catalog_path='')#

Save a copy of the active brush asset into the default asset library, and make it the active brush

  • name (string, (optional, never None)) – Name, Name for the new brush asset

  • asset_library_reference (enum in [], (optional)) – Library, Asset library used to store the new brush

  • catalog_path (string, (optional, never None)) – Catalog, Catalog to use for the new asset


Update the active brush asset in the asset library with current settings


Set brush shape


shape (enum in ['SHARP', 'SMOOTH', 'MAX', 'LINE', 'ROUND', 'ROOT'], (optional)) – Mode


Change brush size by a scalar


scalar (float in [0, 2], (optional)) – Scalar, Factor to scale brush size by


Set Curve Falloff Preset


shape (enum in ['SHARP', 'SMOOTH', 'MAX', 'LINE', 'ROUND', 'ROOT'], (optional)) – Mode

bpy.ops.brush.stencil_control(mode='TRANSLATION', texmode='PRIMARY')#

Control the stencil brush

  • mode (enum in ['TRANSLATION', 'SCALE', 'ROTATION'], (optional)) – Tool

  • texmode (enum in ['PRIMARY', 'SECONDARY'], (optional)) – Tool

bpy.ops.brush.stencil_fit_image_aspect(use_repeat=True, use_scale=True, mask=False)#

When using an image texture, adjust the stencil size to fit the image aspect ratio

  • use_repeat (boolean, (optional)) – Use Repeat, Use repeat mapping values

  • use_scale (boolean, (optional)) – Use Scale, Use texture scale values

  • mask (boolean, (optional)) – Modify Mask Stencil, Modify either the primary or mask stencil


Reset the stencil transformation to the default


mask (boolean, (optional)) – Modify Mask Stencil, Modify either the primary or mask stencil