Import Anim Operators#

bpy.ops.import_anim.bvh(filepath='', filter_glob='*.bvh', target='ARMATURE', global_scale=1.0, frame_start=1, use_fps_scale=False, update_scene_fps=False, update_scene_duration=False, use_cyclic=False, rotate_mode='NATIVE', axis_forward='-Z', axis_up='Y')#

Load a BVH motion capture file

  • filepath (string, (optional, never None)) – File Path, Filepath used for importing the file

  • filter_glob (string, (optional, never None)) – filter_glob

  • target (enum in ['ARMATURE', 'OBJECT'], (optional)) – Target, Import target type

  • global_scale (float in [0.0001, 1e+06], (optional)) – Scale, Scale the BVH by this value

  • frame_start (int in [-inf, inf], (optional)) – Start Frame, Starting frame for the animation

  • use_fps_scale (boolean, (optional)) – Scale FPS, Scale the framerate from the BVH to the current scenes, otherwise each BVH frame maps directly to a Blender frame

  • update_scene_fps (boolean, (optional)) – Update Scene FPS, Set the scene framerate to that of the BVH file (note that this nullifies the ‘Scale FPS’ option, as the scale will be 1:1)

  • update_scene_duration (boolean, (optional)) – Update Scene Duration, Extend the scene’s duration to the BVH duration (never shortens the scene)

  • use_cyclic (boolean, (optional)) – Loop, Loop the animation playback

  • rotate_mode (enum in ['QUATERNION', 'NATIVE', 'XYZ', 'XZY', 'YXZ', 'YZX', 'ZXY', 'ZYX'], (optional)) –

    Rotation, Rotation conversion

    • QUATERNION Quaternion – Convert rotations to quaternions.

    • NATIVE Euler (Native) – Use the rotation order defined in the BVH file.

    • XYZ Euler (XYZ) – Convert rotations to euler XYZ.

    • XZY Euler (XZY) – Convert rotations to euler XZY.

    • YXZ Euler (YXZ) – Convert rotations to euler YXZ.

    • YZX Euler (YZX) – Convert rotations to euler YZX.

    • ZXY Euler (ZXY) – Convert rotations to euler ZXY.

    • ZYX Euler (ZYX) – Convert rotations to euler ZYX.

  • axis_forward (enum in ['X', 'Y', 'Z', '-X', '-Y', '-Z'], (optional)) – Forward

  • axis_up (enum in ['X', 'Y', 'Z', '-X', '-Y', '-Z'], (optional)) – Up