gpu_extras submodule (gpu_extras.presets)#

gpu_extras.presets.draw_circle_2d(position, color, radius, *, segments=None)#

Draw a circle.

  • position (2D Vector) – Position where the circle will be drawn.

  • color (tuple containing RGBA values) – Color of the circle. To use transparency GL_BLEND has to be enabled.

  • radius (float) – Radius of the circle.

  • segments (int or None) – How many segments will be used to draw the circle. Higher values give better results but the drawing will take longer. If None or not specified, an automatic value will be calculated.

gpu_extras.presets.draw_texture_2d(texture, position, width, height)#

Draw a 2d texture.

  • texture (gpu.types.GPUTexture) – GPUTexture to draw (e.g. gpu.texture.from_image(image) for bpy.types.Image).

  • position (2D Vector) – Position of the lower left corner.

  • width (float) – Width of the image when drawn (not necessarily the original width of the texture).

  • height (float) – Height of the image when drawn.