Sculpt Curves Operators#

bpy.ops.sculpt_curves.brush_stroke(stroke=None, mode='NORMAL')#

Sculpt curves using a brush

  • stroke (bpy_prop_collection of OperatorStrokeElement, (optional)) – Stroke

  • mode (enum in ['NORMAL', 'INVERT', 'SMOOTH', 'ERASE'], (optional)) –

    Stroke Mode, Action taken when a paint stroke is made

    • NORMAL Regular – Apply brush normally.

    • INVERT Invert – Invert action of brush for duration of stroke.

    • SMOOTH Smooth – Switch brush to smooth mode for duration of stroke.

    • ERASE Erase – Switch brush to erase mode for duration of stroke.


Change the minimum distance used by the density brush


Select curves which are close to curves that are selected already


distance (float in [-inf, inf], (optional)) – Distance, By how much to grow the selection

bpy.ops.sculpt_curves.select_random(seed=0, partial=False, probability=0.5, min=0.0, constant_per_curve=True)#

Randomizes existing selection or create new random selection

  • seed (int in [-inf, inf], (optional)) – Seed, Source of randomness

  • partial (boolean, (optional)) – Partial, Allow points or curves to be selected partially

  • probability (float in [0, 1], (optional)) – Probability, Chance of every point or curve being included in the selection

  • min (float in [0, 1], (optional)) – Min, Minimum value for the random selection

  • constant_per_curve (boolean, (optional)) – Constant per Curve, The generated random number is the same for every control point of a curve