Time Curve Node#

Time Curve Node.

The Time Curve node generates a factor value (from 0.0 to 1.0) between the scene start and end time, using a curve mapping.


This node has no inputs.



The Y value defined by the curve is the factor output. For the curve controls, see Curve widget.


Flipping the curve around reverses the time input, but doing so is easily overlooked in the node setup.

Start, End

Start frame and End frame of the range of time specifying the values the output should last. This range becomes the X axis of the graph. The time input could be reversed by specifying a start frame greater than the end frame.



The Y value of the curve at the current frame.


The Map Value node can be used to map the output to a more appropriate value. With some curves, it is possible that the Time Curve node may output a number larger than one or less than zero. To be safe, use the Min/Max clamping function of the Map Value node to limit output.



Time controls from left to right: no effect, slow down, freeze, accelerate, reverse.#