View ‣ Align View

These options allow you to align and orient the view.

Align View to Active

Aligns the view to a certain local axis of the active object, bone, or (in Edit Mode) the normal of the active face. The view also becomes orthographic.

To return to the regular (untilted) perspective view, you can first press Numpad3 to align to the global X axis, then orbit with MMB.

Align Active Camera to View Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0

Moves and rotates the active camera so it matches the current viewpoint.

Align Active Camera to Selected

Moves the active camera (without changing its orientation) so that its view frames the selected objects.

Center Cursor and Frame All Shift-C

Moves the 3D Cursor back to the world origin and changes the view so that you can see everything in your scene.

Center View to Cursor

Centers the view on the 3D Cursor.

View Lock to Active

Centers the view on the active object and makes it the point of interest. The view will continue orbiting around it even if you pan to a different location.

View Lock Clear

Returns the view to how it was before using View Lock to Active.