Copy Render Settings#

This is a simple tool that adds in the Render properties a new panel with a big Copy Render Settings button, and some options to control what to copy, and to which scenes…


  • Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.

  • Click Render then Copy Render Settings to enable the script.


Render Settings

This lists all render settings. The checkbox to the right controls whether that setting will be copied or not. So if you want to copy a specific setting, hover your mouse over its control, note its Python name (e.g. resolution_x for the X resolution, etc.), and enable the corresponding item in this list.


The column of buttons to the right of the list are a set of presets which set or clear one or more settings at once. This will work even without the UI template list patch.

Set Scale/Clear Scale

Copy the render scale setting (below resolution controls, in Format panel). Highly useful to do preview renders!

Set Resolution/Clear Resolution

Copy the render resolution and aspect ratio settings. Beware of side effects if you modify the aspect of your render (e.g. switching from: 4/3 to 16/9…).

Set Threads/Clear Threads

Copy the settings (auto/fixed, and number) of threads used during rendering. Might be useful when e.g. you render your blend-files on various computers (even though the Auto option should work good in general…).

Set Stamp/Clear Stamp

Copy whether to render stamps or not (i.e. the global stamp switch setting).

Affected Scenes:
Filter Scene

You can type in this text field a regex (using Python syntax), and only scene which name matches this regex will be available. Quite useful when you have tens of scenes in a file…

E.g. if you only want to copy some of your current render settings to scenes having “rabbit” in their name, type .*rabbit.* in this field.

Columns of buttons

These toggle buttons represent all scenes of the blend-file (optionally filtered through the Filter Scene regex), except the current one. Only enabled scenes will receive the copied settings!





Allows to copy a selection of render settings from current scene to others.


Properties ‣ Render tab


render_copy_settings folder


Bastien Montagne




This add-on is bundled with Blender.