Editing the Manual

You can modify the manual by editing local text files. These files are kept in sync with those online via a repository, based on this the server will update the online manual.

The manual is written in the reStructuredText (RST) markup language and can be edited using a plain text editor. For a local preview, you convert (build) the manual source files from RST into HTML web pages.


Firstly, make sure that your local copy of the manual is up to date with the online repository using:

make update


You can now edit the documentation files, which are the .rst files inside the manual folder using a text editor of your choice.

Be sure to check the Writing Style Guide for conventions and Markup Style Guide to learn how to write in the reStructuredText markup language.

Happy writing!

Bigger Changes

If you are going to add or overhaul a section, be sure to check carefully that it does not already exist. In some places, the docs are so disorganized that sections may be duplicated or in a strange location. In the case that you find a duplicate or out of place section, create an issue explaining the issue, and optionally include a revision (actual changes).

Before you make any edits that are not simple and plainly justified (for example, moving folders around), you should verify with a manual maintainer that your contribution is along the community’s vision for the manual. This ensures the best use of your time and good will as it is otherwise possible that, for some reason, your changes will conflict and be rejected or need time-consuming review. For example, another person may be already working on the section you wish to change, the section may be scheduled for deletion or to be updated according to a planned change to Blender.

Communicating early and frequently is the key to have a productive environment, to not waste people’s effort and to attain a better Blender manual as a result.

Getting Help/Answers

If you are in doubt about functionality that you wish to document, you should pose your questions to the Blender developers responsible for that area or ask at the unofficial user support channel in the #docs or #blender-coders channel in Blender Chat.

Blender itself has a system of module owners with developer and artist members who are responsible for the design and maintenance of the assigned Blender areas. See the module pages for more information.


To view your changes, build the manual as instructed. Keep in mind that you can also build only the chapter you just edited to view it quickly. Open the generated .html files inside the build/html folder using your web browser, or refresh the page if you have it open already.


When you are happy with your changes, you can upload them, so that they will be in the online manual. At first, this is done by submitting patches so that someone can review your changes and give you feedback. After, you can commit your changes directly. This process is described in detail in the next section.