Attach Hair Curves to Surface

Attaches hair curves to a surface mesh.


This node/modifier will not function without the Surface geometry/object and Surface UV Map inputs.



Input Geometry (only curves will be affected).


Surface Geometry to attach hair curves to. This input takes priority over the corresponding object input, if used.


Surface Object to attach to (needs to have matching transforms).

Surface UV Map

Surface UV map stored on the mesh used for finding curve attachment locations.

Surface Rest Position

Set the surface mesh into its rest position before attachment.


In a typical hair generation setup, this node or modifier will be combined with the Deform Curves on Surface Node. If that operation comes after this one, it makes sense to turn this option on so the position used is the pre-deformed position consistent with the expectations for the deformation’s input.

Sample Attachment UV

Sample the surface UV map at the attachment point.

Snap to Surface

Snap the root of each curve to the closest surface point.

Align to Surface Normal

Align the curve to the surface normal (need guide as reference).

Blend along Curve

Blend deformation along each curve from the root.


This node has no properties.



Surface UV Coordinate

Surface UV coordinate at the attachment point.

Surface Normal

Surface normal at the attachment point.