List View


List view with expanded Filtering Options panel.

This control is useful for managing lists of items. In addition to the main list, there is a Filtering panel on the bottom (hidden by default) and modification buttons on the right.


To select an item, click LMB on it.


By double-clicking on an item, you can edit its name via a text field. This can also be achieved by clicking it with Ctrl-LMB.


The list view can be resized to show more or fewer items. Hover the mouse over the handle (::::), then click and drag to expand or shrink the list.


Click the Show filtering options button (triangle on bottom left) to show or hide the filter option panel.

Search Ctrl-F

Filters the list to only show items containing a certain term.

Invert <->

Toggle between including items that match the search term and those that do not contain the search term.

Sort by Name

This button switches between alphabetical and non-alphabetical ordering.


Sort objects in ascending or descending order. This also applies to alphabetical sorting, if selected.

On the right of the list view are list modification buttons:

Add +

Adds a new item.

Remove -

Removes the selected item.

Specials v

A Specials menu with operators to edit list entries.

Move (up/down arrow icon)

Moves the selected item up/down one position.